Posted by: Third Tone Devil | 4 November 2011

Who speaks for the West in Chinese media?

A recent issue of the Chinese edition of Global Times — a nationalistic offshoot of the People’s Dailyquoted the “famous geopolitics expert and petroleum scientist” F. William Engdahl as saying that America may instigate more civil wars in Africa to contain China’s influence. Three days later, the Africa bureau chief of the People’s Daily responded, calling this scaremongering.

Engdahl is one of the four contributors to the website of the Centre for Research on Globalization, which according to Wikipedia “publishes news articles, analysis and intelligence on New World Order conspiracy theories” (and which — along with the English edition of Pravda, the newspaper of the Russian Communist Party — is a regular source of articles reproduced in the newsletter of the Centre for African Studies at Peking University). Engdahl believes in “global cooling” and thinks that petroleum does not have biological origins. He is a supporter  of “perennial presidential candidate” Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. He thinks the Egyptian uprising — or coup — was engineered by Barack Obama.

Yet such thinkers, who in mainstream Western media are seen as loonies, can be presented as authoritative spokesmen of Western thought in China — along with those at the other extreme, who serve to demonstrate anti-China sentiments.


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