Posted by: Third Tone Devil | 22 March 2010

Dushu editor calls for Chinese publishers to go international

Jia Baolan, the current editor of Dushu and a member of the People’s Political Consultative Conference, has proposed to amend the Publishing Management Regulations (Chuban guanli tiaoli) to allow the creation of large publishing houses that will be able to go out on international markets, including purchasing foreigh presses. She seemed to be piggybacking on the director of the Press and Publications Bureau chief’s call for the creation of 6-7 large publishing companies that will be able to “lead international opinion” as part of China’s agenda of increasing its “soft power”. Of course, it is not clear whether Jia’s own agenda might in fact be further liberalizing publishing.

Jia has also put in a proposal for an animal protection law on behalf of the Animal Protection Society. This law would, among others, ban the extraction of bile from live bears.

Jia has previously proposed the establishment of a State Translation Bureau to raise the quality of translators so that more Chinese works could be translated into foreign languages. (Such a bureau used to exist for the translation of Mao Zedong’s works.)


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