Posted by: Third Tone Devil | 9 December 2009

Cabbage He and the Pizza Hut salad

The popular blogger He Caitou (Cabbage He) berates Pizza Hut for announcing that it will discontinue the salad bar in China, as it costs too much. Some Chinese customers compete in piling their plates with salad as high as they can; there are even teach-yourself instructions available on the Web for hopeful pilers.

He resents Pizza Hut’s insinuation that Chinese customers’ avarice will drive Pizza Hut into bankruptcy. He points out that the initial pile-yourself craze on the Web was started by a Pizza Hut employee, and suggests that it was in fact a viral marketing ploy — as is the current announcement about stopping it. He accuses Pizza Hut of wanting to lure Chinese eaters to its restaurants with this “pile-while-you-can” announcement, and predicts that after the New Year Pizza Hut will, “in consideration of Chinese customers’ feelings,” retract its decision.


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