Posted by: Third Tone Devil | 25 February 2009

Chinese paper in Korea protests “No Stealing” shop signs

According to a 24 February article in Huanqiu Ribao 环球日报 (the popular offshoot of People’s Daily), Meiri Jingji, published in Seoul, reported that Chinese tourists, who flock to shop in Korea because of the plunge of its currency, are furious at Chinese-language signs saying “Stealing Prohibited” and rude shop assistants.  

Huanqiu Ribao comments that “Koreans’ discrimination of Chinese is not a new issue.” It cites a “questionnaire study” according to which 93% of Chinese in Korea either frequently or occasionally feel discriminated against.

On the QQ discussion forum, this topic is not among the most popular, being eclipsed by the auction of the Yuanmingyan statues (five of the top ten threads on 26 February fell in the “China humiliation” rubric, including three on the auction, one on the sinking of a Chinese merchant ship by the Russian navy, and one on the Philippine Air Force’s announcement that China will not conduct military exercises near the Spratly Islands.  A few days later, Japan’s new statements on the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands were a new topic). While a number of posters called for the boycott of Korean goods and especially travel to Korea, at least as many contributors said that the main problem was with the “quality” (suzhi) of the Chinese people.


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