Posted by: Third Tone Devil | 2 November 2008

Deutsche Welle’s BOB award nominations

Deutsche Welle — Germany’s international public radio, whose Chinese service recently attracted attention by suspending an editor allegedly for being too laudatory about the Chinese government — is accepting votes for its annual blog awards,

The People’s Choice Awards – The BOBs 2008.

There is a separate category for Chinese blogs. The nominated ones are mostly those of investigative journalists, lawyers, and government critics (though there is also a science blog, which has also been entered in the overall best blog category). One of them is Ran Yunfei’s blog, in which one of the recent posts is entitled “Why is our government hateful?” It begins with this premise:

Governments are there to be criticised … Self-praise by self-propaganda machines financed by taxpayers’ money is shameful. Criticising the government is a natural (or: Heaven-given, 天然) and inalienable right of the people … So it is natural that governments, including ours, are not lovely, but why is ours outright hateful?

In a previous post, Ran calls on people to provide eyewitness accounts of earthquake relief work in Sichuan and to report misuse of funds. According to DW, Ran has so far not got into any trouble for his blog.

Han Han’s blog is also among those nominated.


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