Posted by: Third Tone Devil | 17 September 2008

Xiaolin Guo’s papers

I have recently come across three interesting papers by Xiaolin Guo, who works at Stockholm University. Each of these have something to do with topics that I work on and two are relevant to this site (the third is on China-Burma relations) . One, written jointly with Michael Schoenhals, discusses the Party ‘s post-Mao use of political language as it relates to ethnic minority cadres.  Another, called “Repackaging Confucius,” is the first account of the politics behind the proliferation of Confucius Institutes. She writes that, in 2006, the Propaganda Department has commissioned official portraits of Confucius, while the Confucius Foundation has signed a contract to produce a 100-episode cartoon series on “to promote Confucian values worldwide.”


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