Posted by: Third Tone Devil | 24 June 2008

Kung Fu Panda boycott

A few days ago, the portal featured a link to a blog post that called for a boycott of the movie Kung Fu Panda, which has opened in China, on the basis that Hollywood — in the person of Sharon Stone — had previously said the Sichuan earthquake has been retribution for China’s treatment of Tibet, but now was trying to take advantage of Sichuan’s very own pandas (i.e. pillaging cultural property! Actually, it’s interesting that none of these protests have so far made explicit use of the cultural property discourse…)  The movie has the additional sin of having been produced by Steven Spielberg, whom the author accuses of “wanting to boycott the Olympics”. (Spielberg was initially part of a three-man international image-making team for the Olympics, but later withdrew, reportedly because he tried unsuccessfully to pressure the government on the issue of Darfur.)

Few responses agreed with the call for the boycott, though. Most thought it was crazy.



  1. […] and France again Zhao Bandi, the artist who features pandas in all of his work and who called for a boycott of the film Kungfu Panda for “insulting a national treasure”, is now getting some of his own medicine. He had a […]

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