Posted by: Third Tone Devil | 23 May 2008

James Fallows on the Great Firewall

Bill Anderson on Oriental-List posted a notice of a new article by James Fallows in the Atlantic Monthly. Fallows is a long-time Asian-century pundit, now apparently living (“based”) in Peking. The article seems to be about Internet control in China in general, and in particular about temporary measures to relax that control during the Olympics. As far as I can tell from the excerpt by Anderson, he is saying nothing surprising:

In reality, what the Olympic-era visitors will be discovering is not the absence of China’s electronic control but its new refinement-and a special Potemkin-style unfettered access that will be set up just for them, and just for the length of their stay. According to engineers I have spoken with at two tech organizations in China, the government bodies in charge of censoring the Internet have told them to get ready to unblock access from a list of specific Internet Protocol (IP) addresses-certain Internet cafés, access jacks in hotel rooms and conference centers where foreigners are expected to work or stay during the Olympic Games.


Anderson also includes a link to a U.S. paper called Network World, which did a follow-up  interview on Fallows’ views on the Chinese internet. 


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