Posted by: Third Tone Devil | 1 May 2008

CCTV summary of “protect-the-torch” rallies

A link to a clip of the CCTV Dongfang Shikong broadcast is now once again up on, a Chinese-language Australian “community” website. It is an over 30 minute broadcast, which emphasizes the unity of overseas students and overseas Chinese in their patriotic desire to protect the torch. It is remarkable how he language used is undistinguishable from that used on the student BBSs, from which the broadcast draws (and in turn, as we see, is reproduced on them, in a demonstration of how seamlessly this transnational Chinese-language media has now cohered with media inside China).

Among other things, the broadcasts reproduces the rallying call for the Canberra event, which had been published on Aobo, and interviews its author, who is identified as Yang Zhonglue, an “ethnic Chinese with Australian citizenship.” In what sounds almost like a coda for the programme, Yang talks about how he and “many other Chinese” only really understood what patriotism meant when they left China (as “political refugees” after 1989, perhaps?) and how grateful they were to the Communist Party, “China’s current governing party” (this is a terminology I am beginning to hear from some young students too — it just happens to be in power now, it seems) for China’s development in recent years.


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