Posted by: Third Tone Devil | 29 April 2008

Han Han’s reply to patriots

In recent weeks, a number of prominent Chinese bloggers have taken issue with the ongoing nationalist demonstrations (both in China and abroad). Predictably, their comments attracted irate comments by nationalists. On EastSouthWestNorth, Roland Soong has translated some an amusing response to these by Wang Xiaofeng. Han Han, an Internet celebrity and child prodigy renowned for his irreverence, has also posted his “Answers to patriots’ questions”,  in which he makes fun of nationalist Internet language:

Q1. A foreigner comes and slaps you on the cheek, you don’t move, and obviously still feel quite contented?

A. No foreigners has slapped me on the cheek.

Q2. Han Han, if a foreigner had raped your mother, would you still not protest?

A. No foreigner has raped my mother.

and so on.



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