Posted by: Third Tone Devil | 3 April 2007

List of traitors

Putao came across a list of “traitors” that circulated on the Chinese internet in 2005, originating from student BBSs in the US. It is quite crazy — mostly listing academics and officials judged to be “soft” on Japan or the US, or advocating democracy, or thinking that building the Great Wall wasn’t nice towards the northern nomads…

The usual calls to put the culprits to death follow.  On the LA Chinese Students BBS ((, they came from two people: one in Denver, one in Baldwin Park (I think this is in the LA area). It’s not surprising in itself that the most extreme nationalist rhetoric is found on overseas sites; but the computer programmer in Baldwin Park, Simon Jia (, seems to have grown up in the United States at least since high school. His self-description fits that of the socially inept geek, and his call to execute the “traitors” recalls the support some European-born Muslim youth shows for terrorism.


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